Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bus Tour #4

Gibbs Museum of Pioneer and Dakotah Life. We are looking at two different special events they host. The first one is on October 31st and is called Old-Time Halloween. In the mid-1800's, especially Irish immigrants, brought their Halloween traditions to America. Carve a turnip to put in your window to ward off evil spirts; Trick-or-Treat at Jane Gibbs' house; make popcorn balls in the Red Barn and enjoy a cup of cider!
The other event is calle "A Gibbs' Pioneer Christmas" This is held on December 4 and 5th. A two-hour program. Join them in an old-fashioned mid-1800's Minnesota Christmas. Step back in time when you visit the summer kitchen and see how pioneer women prepared special foods for Christmas; tour the original Gibbs' home and the Victorian parlor where costumed interpreters reveal how Christmas practices changed over time. Enjoy Christmas carols and activities, hot chocolate and Christmas treasts. Visit our gift shop for old-time stocking stuffers.


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